Preview to the Fall Play

Pinkerton’s Production of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Emily DiGiacomo, Staff Writer

With the fall play right around the corner, the Pinkerton Players are hard at work to make sure the showings are just as safe as they are magical. 

Around four years ago, a group of Pinkerton students attended a conference in New York to view the up and coming production of Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic or Puffs. In 2018, the script became available for licensing and purchase. The aspects of comedy and magic tied together to make for an enjoyable experience that inspired the students and staff. 

“We always knew we were going to do it,” Theater Director Mr. Cahoon said. “It was just a matter of when.”

The Harry Potter based Puffs follows the perspective of Hufflepuff house members as they make their way through their years at Hogwarts. 

“I’m really excited about the references,” cast member Sam Brackesy said. “People who are Harry Potter fans will think this is the funniest show ever.”

Because of precautionary changes made to the hybrid plan that sent all students remote, the opening night of the play is rescheduled for Friday, November 20th and continues through to Sunday the 22nd. Originally, November 6th was supposed to be opening night, falling on the official Harry Potter spirit day for students.   

“We’ll be opening Puffs and hopefully everyone will be in house colors,” Cahoon wished. “It should be really fun.”

Due to cohort scheduling, the production required an extra two and a half weeks of preparation time.

“We were supposed to do this show the third week in October,” Cahoon said. “The whole cast can’t be here together all the time, so we needed more rehearsals.” 

Despite the setbacks of Covid-19, the Pinkerton Players chug on with perseverance and determination to bring a safe environment to their audience. Restricted capacity and social distancing protocol complicate matters slightly, but an online stream will be available for those that can’t make it to see the play in person. 

“Usually in the Stockbridge Theater we can fit a lot of people,” Cahoon said. “But if you’ve been over here for lunch, you know that it’s all spaced out.” 

Although some modifications will have to be made, many factors should make for a phenomenal production, one being the props. 

“I’m most excited for the costumes.” Brackesy said. “The fact that we get wands is so cool.” 

When laughter left the hallways and spirits dampered on campus in March of 2019, the Pinkerton Players immediately began to think of magical stories to tell that would lift the mood put in place by Covid-19. 

“We thought that because of remote learning- which was a bummer for everybody,” Cahoon started. “It would be nice to come back to school with shows that make people laugh and that are full of imagination.”

Despite the fact that only 26 students make up the cast of Puffs, delivering anything less than greatness should not be an issue. The eager and willingness of the student body has shone through since the very beginning. 

“It’s a great cast,” Cahoon ensures. “We had 63 kids audition, which is a huge turnout for the fall play.”

The dedication to work with safety guidelines illustrates the commitment each and every PA Player has made to provide their peers with a little bit of joy that was lost during the pandemic. 

“By far the most exciting thing about the production… has to do with this group of students just being so excited to be back doing what they love,” Cahoon said. “It’s been honestly kind of emotional. They love this so much and they’ll do anything we ask of them if they can just do what they love, which is to do plays.”