Seniors Silent Struggle

Erilynne Tupper, Staff Writer

Isolated. Disappointed. Belittled. Confused… These are but a few words that high school students are using to describe how COVID-19 has made them feel over these last, long seven months.

During these times, high school students are juggling the tasks of remote, hybrid, or fully in-person school while, just like everyone else, managing jobs, relationships, home life, homework, and the stresses and disappointments that have evolved into what is being called “2020.” 

Many students sit back quietly, powerless to control the current events and the effects of this “new normal.” And, while students of all grade levels are doing their best to get through this pandemic, Seniors, especially, sense the toll on their mental health and on the end of their high school years.

“I felt angry and sad and frustrated [for what was to be], and I still do, but it’s that lingering feeling of disappointment and not being able to fulfill the things that I want to fulfil… like being in school everyday or [experiencing our normal] senior activities,” said Gabby Barron (‘21). 

For the class of 2021, the end of junior year and the entirety of senior year had been planned out. Sports seasons, final performances, prom, senior trips, graduation – all of which are now unsettled. Seniors consider what has already been lost and wait in caution for the rest of their year, wondering whether it will look anything like they had hoped.

“I was aware of everything I had before [the pandemic]  happened, and that’s what everyone is mad about – withdrawal,” said Chris Perfetto (‘21).

As everyone tackles this season of chaos, students take it one day at a time, uncertain of the future they await. 

“As seniors, what we need more than anything right now is support… because I think all of us, in a way, are silently struggling to cope with the losses of our traditional senior year…” said Gabby Barron (‘21).