20 Year Astro Streak Ends

Londonderry Takes Back the Plaque

Chayse Dube , Staff Writer

Mack Plaque has been attracting crowds from both Pinkerton and Londonderry high schools since 1983, when the first Mack Plaque game was played. Pinkerton has controlled the title for the past 20 years, but 2020 was seemingly Londonderry’s year to reclaim the plaque. 

As a result of the Corona virus pandemic, all competing athletes this year had to play under certain conditions mandated by NHIAA to ensure safety.  Fan restrictions were set in place, and fan attendees to Pinkerton games were at an all time low. 

“If it affected us, it affected them too,” said assistant athletic director Mr. Soijka, when asked if the new playing conditions based around COVID-19 may have caused the results. “It took something away from them for sure, but it would affect everyone equally. We always get good fan support at Mack Plaque, while Londonderry also gets really good fan support as well.”

Out of the varsity teams that competed in the plaque this year, the game results stand as, boys soccer (0-2) loss, girls soccer (2-0) win, field hockey (2-2) tie, volleyball (1-3) loss, football (14-23) loss, golf (200- 220) win, cross country girls (19-44) win, cross country boys (32-26) loss.The final results tally up to 3-1-4, which resulted in a Londonderry victory by one game.

Mack Plaque typically falls on the weekend that spirit week occurs at Pinkerton Academy.

Courtney Peltak is a senior this year at Pinkerton and has played in Mack Plaque soccer games over the years and participated in the school spirit days as well. When asked to use one word or phrase to describe the atmosphere Mack Plaque creates, Peltak chose “school spirited.”

“Everyone always goes all out for spirit week and you just know that it’s like a big week ahead and people look forward to it,” “Where this year, people always forgot that there was Mack Plaque because no one knew what was going on.”

Although Pinkerton received a result that wasn’t expected, nor wanted, there is always next year for redemption.

 “Everyone’s going to want revenge and they’re gonna want to take it back,” said Peltak. “So I feel like it will be even more hype than the past years because we got to reclaim the plaque.”