Ready for the Bright Lights

4 Year Varsity Player Macy Graves Has a Promising Future

Chayse Dube, Staff Writer

Macy Graves demonstrates her footwork against Nashua South.

Pinkerton athletics have been known for the amount of dedication and hard work that their athletes put into every game and practice. Many of the athletes wish to continue their sports career and play in college. For Macy Graves (‘21), her soccer career is just taking off. 

“I have been playing soccer since I was four years old,” said Graves. Soccer has always been a part of Macy’s life, and when asked about her future plans she replied, “I saw soccer in it, and so I definitely thought that college was that next step to keeping it in my future.”

Graves will be attending UMass Amherst and majoring in sports management for the next four years of college in the fall. UMass is ranked NCAA division one for women’s soccer, which is a challenge to be accepted into. One of the most difficult parts of deciding to play college soccer is the scouting process. It involves sending numerous emails to colleges and being persistent. 

She gives 100 percent every time she steps on the soccer field, because it’s definitely a passion of hers.” ”

— Coach Rappa

“It was a matter of finding the priority, finding time to do it, time management, sending out those emails, like making those videos. But most importantly my main goal during the whole recruiting process was to take every soccer opportunity that was given to me.” 

Graves had been persistent and serious about the college recruiting process. Many students say they want to play sports in college, but don’t realize the amount of time and effort that needs to be put into the recruiting process. 

Graves has been playing soccer at Pinkerton for the past four years, as she made her first debut on varsity as a freshman. 

“ I have been coaching Macy for four wonderful years,” said Coach Rappa. “She started every game her freshman year. She started every game her career I think.” 

When asked what sticks out about Graves when she is on the field, Rappa said, “ First of all, she is very talented. Anyone facing us would probably know who she is because of that and she works 100 percent. She gives 100 percent every time she steps on the soccer field, because it’s definitely a passion of hers.” 

Graves has also been a captain of the team for the past two years, as she showed great amounts of leadership and set examples for the rest of the girls to follow. 

When switching from a coach to teammate perspective, Sam Franks (‘21) who was also a captain of the team has been playing with Graves since she was in fifth grade. Franks is also committed to play soccer in college and will be attending North Greenville University in South Carolina. 

From playing with Graves over the years, Franks made the comment of how “She just doesn’t stop. She doesn’t stop passing she doesn’t stop running, she doesn’t give up.If she ever gets slightly beat, which does not happen often. But if it does, the girl runs back,” 

“When I think of someone who just goes and gives it their all in everything, it’s just Macy,” said Franks.