Pinkerton Players Set Sail

Previewing the Spring Musical

Aleksandra Carney, Staff Writer

As the year progresses into the second semester, a thrilling buzz can be felt lingering in the air of the Stockbridge Theatre as dozens of theatre students prepare for the most exciting night of their year: the opening night of the Pinkerton Players spring musical. While the challenges of this year have expanded the club’s traditional rehearsal spaces to include the kitchens and living rooms of the actors’ homes, the cast of The Pirates of Penzance remains in good spirits. 

Despite the unusual circumstances, proceedings remain very much the same. The start of each rehearsal is marked by grinning actors chatting animatedly with their fellow castmates, sharing blocking and choreography notes while waiting for directors Mrs. Laura Iwaskiewicz and Mrs. Susanne Tartarilla to begin the day’s work.

 “I’m so happy to be performing with my friends again!” senior Maddie Bedell, who plays pirate second-in-command Samuel shared, referring to fellow seniors Hannah Cerino and Aleksandra Carney. “We’ve been performing musicals together since middle school.”

Though the production team chose to double cast the musical this year in order to cut down on the number of students on stage at a time, both groups attend virtual rehearsals together. This maintains the vibrant and energetic atmosphere the PA Players rehearsals are famous for, as the actors feed off the comical script and each other’s energy. While it’s necessary for everyone to remain muted for most of the rehearsal, cast members utilize the Google Meets chat feature to share positive feedback and suggestions with each other and the directors.

With Pirates set to open April 7th, the cast aims to have the entire show choreographed and blocked before February break. Already, the different ensembles of pirates, daughters, and policemen have covered their music for almost the entirety of the show, with rehearsals in the coming weeks slated to cover the rest. Though there is still a good deal of work to be done, the cast and crew of Pirates of Penzance can’t wait to set sail and bring their audience along on an adventure they’ll never forget.