Astros Spirit Lives On

Despite Changes to Spirit Week Themes and Pep Rally Location

Aleah Estey, Staff Writer

A huge part of the high school experience is school gatherings and events. The pep rally historically is one that most students enjoy attending. To ensure the health and safety of the students and staff, the student council organized and held an outdoor pep rally in the morning on Friday, September 24, under cloudy skies and intermittent rain showers.

Spirit week is commonly known as every student’s favorite week of the school year. Dressing up in funny, colorful clothes on Wacky Wednesday, imitating the vibrant clothes of the 80’s or street style of the 90’s on Throwback Thursday. Changes to the traditional spirit week themes reportedly left some students disappointed. Spirit week this year began with Meme Monday, Extraterrestrial Tuesday.  These two themes required students to be more creative, and in some cases, more elaborate. 

“The spirit week themes were hard this year and not a lot of people participated because people had to go out and buy items to participate, ”said junior Elise Saab.

To get a sense of how the students felt about the changes to the spirit week themes and pep rally, a survey was sent out to all students. A little more than 200 responded.

Most students who filled out the survey agreed with Saab. Many expressed they liked the  trustworthy Throwback Thursday theme rather than decade specific day, such as Y2K Thursday. Otherwise, the challenge of dressing the best was fun for some.

“I thought they were cool and I actually liked them,” said senior Sierra Edgecomb. 

Although most students understood the reason for holding the pep rally outdoors on the varsity baseball field, many expressed a return to the field house.

“It should be in the gym next year,” said junior varsity soccer player, Lindsay Blum, “because it will be good for the incoming freshman to see how the school supports the teams and for the sophomores of this year to experience a fun and rowdy pep rally with everyone being able to participate.” 

Blum has participated in past pep rallies and expressed that Covid-19 did change the dynamic of the rally. Social distancing changed the venue, which put a little bit of a drain on participation from the crowd. The added weather conditions, like the clouds and rain, also ruined the experience for both performers and spectators.

Although many students had a hard time seeing the acts performed on and in front of the staging area, issues, a majority thought the music was on point, and contributed well with the athletic teams’ performances. Twenty-four percent of those who responded to the school-wide survey thought the girls varsity volleyball performance was the absolute best part of the whole event. 

“My favorite part was probably the volleyball team’s performance; it was just really cool,” said freshman Ryan Zeno.

Administrators, student council members, and students all agree that some changes and improvements will need to be made to the pep rally if it will continue as an outside event.