ASL Club Hosts Movie Night

Fundraiser Supports Spring Workshop

Grace Plecinoga, Staff Writer

Chunky’s Cinema Pub recently worked with the ASL Club to present A Quiet Place Part 2 for an American Sign Language (ASL) movie night on Monday, November 15. 

The movie night began at 6:30 and the group of attendees was diverse. UNH ASL students joined Pinkerton students and teachers; all interacted using sign language and enjoyed the movie together. 

A Quiet Place Part 2 is a horror movie in which the characters use ASL almost exclusively; however, the entire movie has subtitles so deaf and hearing people alike can enjoy all parts of it. 

Tickets were paid for at the door and cost $10. From this event, the ASL Club raised $135, all of which will go towards the ASL Workshop that they host in April. 

After the movie, Lauren Marsh, ASL student and the president of the club, said “It was a lot of fun. It was great to have an opportunity to connect with the deaf community!”

The ASL Workshop is an event that brings the deaf community together and helps to immerse American Sign Language students in that world. Members of the deaf community come to teach lessons and speak to students. 

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this workshop has been postponed for the past two years. The ASL Club is making every effort to bring it back on campus. Many more fundraisers are  planned by the club so students will be able to experience the ASL Workshop.