‘Rollerball Rodent’ Greets Senior Office Guests

Guipetto: Third Year Senior


Cailyn Kouhoupt, Chief Editor

Walking into the senior office, students will often see a big plastic ball rolling around with a small fuzzy creature happily weaving through the administrators’ desks and offices. Many students have to blink a few times to fully understand that yes, there is an animal in this ball running around at 7:00 a.m. Guipetto, the three year old, gray hamster, is taking the office by storm in his little plastic ball, making everyone want to stop by the senior office. 

“You know, even as recently as today a senior stopped in and was like “oh my gosh is that a hamster” and laughed and joked [with the senior office staff about the hamster],” said Mr. Dannible, the original owner of the hamster.

Guipetto was not a planned member of the staff, as Dannible received the hamster through his son which has not been entirely clear on how he got ahold of the hamster, hence the name Guipetto after Disney classic movie Pinocchio

“[The] Original story that he told me was that it was a friend of his whose family wouldn’t allow him to keep it, so he took it for safekeeping”, commented Dannible, “but I’m not sure if that was 100 percent true.”

Guipetto stays on campus throughout the weekend, as Dannible always ensures that it is comfortable before heading home. However, for the longer breaks, Dannible explained that staff members decide who will take the hamster home to make certain that he is well taken care of, which many love to do. 

“This Thanksgiving weekend coming up, I do have a staff member who’s taking the hamster home so his grandkids can play with it, so there’s no shortage of people willing to take him for a long weekend.”

Dannible mentioned that Guipetto has definitely boosted morale “100 percent” within not only the senior office staff, but with the students visiting, providing joy and comfort to all those who see him. 

“We’ve had students who will only meet with their counselor down here so they can hold the hamster,” said Dannible, “because animals, you know, have that soothing effect and whatnot.”

When prompted with the question of if more areas such as the guidance counselor offices or even certain classrooms should have these comforting creatures, Dannible was more reserved in his answer. 

“I think there are pluses and minuses with [class pets], let’s just say that,” said Dannible. “I can see how students could benefit from it, and I can easily see how it can distract from what’s supposed to be happening here on campus.”

With the amount of joy and comfort Guipetto has brought to the senior office community, it is worth the time to really bring up the benefits that emotional support animals bring to students and staff alike. If anyone wants to visit Guipetto, the senior office is always open, and “[anyone] can visit anytime,” so stop in to see this adorable gray hamster!