One Families Way of Navigating Covid-19 Lock Up

Aleah Estey, Writer, Photographer

The entire Estey household was diagnosed with the new Covid-19 variant just a week after Christmas. Their experience with Covid-19 quarantining mimicks others who have become housebound. Even before the official doctor recommended quarantine, everyone needed to find ways to gather themselves without the nagging of beloved family members.

As does anyone forced inside their own for two weeks, the Esteys needed means of entertainment to get them through the terribly boring times. Home is a wonderful place to be, unless you have no other options and can’t seem to get away from your family. Of course, most everyone loves their family and cherishes the moments spent with them, but when space is limited, things can get dodgy and the days begin to drag on and on. 

Both healing and getting through the two weeks was the goal and in the end both goals were accomplished. Now, and in the future, masks will be bought and worn everywhere. The smell of hand sanitizer will never be forgotten again nor will the struggles of coming to access everyday necessities. We can all move on to try to get back to the normality of everyday life.