Family and Friends Helping Overcome the Loneliness of Covid

Andrew Higgins, Staff Writer

In the days leading up to Christmas, loneliness has probably affected the majority of us because of Covid. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, the separation from family and friends, or the inability to socialize in general, heartache has truly set into the hearts of many. People everywhere are returning to a home with no one to greet them or sitting down at a dining table surrounded by empty chairs. Some find themself shopping in ghost malls, store after store shut down due to covid cases. No one can deny that desolation is truly a terrifying pandemic. But somehow and some way, humanity manages to fight back solitude in incredible and often heart-warming ways. In times like these, you might find yourself overcoming the loneliness left in one person’s absence with another person’s presence.

While I didn’t have my mother, sister or best friend for the weeks leading to Christmas, I did have new friends and extended family. In one person’s absence, I found many others who I was able to fully enjoy the Holidays with. Instead of letting loneliness set in my heart, I was uplifted by kind-hearted people such as Aaron Gilmartin and Finn Higgins. My Christmas was full of kindness and warmth, which was far from my expectations going into the month. Covid has been hard for everyone, and the past two years have taken so much from me. Some of my close family members and friends have been lost. However, in the places they left, new wonderful people have filled my heart. Christmas may not have been like when I was a child, but it was still magical.