Ms. Johnston Reflects on Her Journey Back to PA

Alumna Enjoys Teaching

Ayzlee Mangan, Staff writer

Have you thought in the middle of your science class how you want to teach in that exact room 10 years later? Well, neither did Ms. Johnston, but that’s exactly what she ended up doing. 

“It wasn’t a thought until my junior year of college,” said biology teacher Ms. Johnston. 

Johnston lived in Hampstead when she attended Pinkerton from 2011-2015. Shenow lives in Hooksett. A lot of her high school life was centered around playing field hockey and helping to coach it throughout the summers. Now, she is a volunteer varsity field hockey coach. In her free time, Johnston loves to hike, work out, or binge watch TV shows like Breaking Bad. She studied at UNH and Saint Anselm, where she majored in biology with the intent to become a physical therapist. 

During her junior year in college, she asked herself, What am I going to do with this biology degree? It was at this point that she made the decision to add education and double her major. She crammed in all of the work, and astonishingly got it done with a fair share of long nights. 

Johnston was an intern with Mrs. Roy for the 2018-2019 school year. She also was a full time sub for health class. In Fall of 2019, Ms. Johnston officially started her teaching career.

When asked what her favorite things are working as a teacher, Johnston said, “meeting such a wide variety of students.” Johnston also appreciates the size of the teaching because they offer so many stories and perspectives. 

Johnston expressed some of the pros about working at her alma mater.  Because the campus is so large, knowing how to navigate it was a huge advantage, and she also benefited by having relationships with some of the faculty and staff. Ultimately, Johnston understood the school’s traditions and already had plenty of red and white. 

Ms. Johnston offered some sage advice for the student body.

“Push through those nights when you’re up so late doing work,” said Johnston, “but take those breaks when you need them. School will be over at some point, and if you can push through tough moments in school you can do anything.”