Nancy Cofrin: Pinkerton Hall of Famer Retires After 47 Years

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Nancy Cofrin: Pinkerton Hall of Famer Retires After 47 Years

Lauren Lisauskas and Samantha Gosselin

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To Nancy Cofrin, four years at Pinkerton just weren’t enough. She started her freshman year in 1968 and graduated in 1972. While working three jobs and going through her first and only year of college she was offered a secretary position at Pinkerton. Cofrin decided to come back to her roots. 

“I grew up here, I feel like it’s been a big part of my life and when I go, it’s going to be bittersweet. But there are new beginnings.”  

After spending 47 years working different positions she has left an impact. She had taken part in traditions and has seen them fall away.  Now, during her final year, she reflects on her high school experience.

“I used to work in the discipline office, way back in the seventies. It was crazy. People were wearing togas, having toga parties and teachers were joining them!”

Cofrin says that the traditions carried through Pinkerton are what kept her here all that time. From Mack Plaque games to the senior Corn Roast Cofrin cherished the time she spent here. Looking back, she says how different it is now.

 “Traditions were really strict back then, for the students, but they are not now. But I had a really good experience. I liked all my teachers and I still have a favorite teacher that I had when I was a freshman and we still keep in touch.” 

As time goes by more and more generations of families continue to come to Pinkerton, just like the Cofrins. When asked what her favorite year at Pinkerton was, she replied saying the years her children and late husband were all here together. 

“My best year I have to say [was] when my kids were here… And my husband was working here at the same time.” 

 Cofrin’s husband was a teacher here teaching Advanced Placement psychology and coached the boys lacrosse team for many years. 

Nancy Cofrin has touched the lives of countless students and faculty in the Pinkerton Community. Seeing about twenty five to thirty students a day plus the other faculty members, helping anyone who comes through her door. Not only does she help those who go to her office, but she a homeless liaison for all the attending towns. 

“I just want the kids to know if they need help, they can come here.” 

 Cofrin was once a fourteen year old girl nervous about her first year of high school and now she is a fully grown woman who has spent her life helping the community that helped raise her. The community and school will remember her for all the years she put in, and the amazing contributions she has made. Working at Pinkerton she has watched society change, but the foundation has always stayed the same. 

“Nothing you would ever think. Stuff that would ever happen now. I have seen the world change.”

After Cofrin retires, she plans to commit more time with her family and grandchildren. Her Pinkerton career is coming to an end, but now she will begin a new chapter in her life. The Pinkerton community congratulates Cofrin on her successful career, and gives thanks for all the time and help she has given.