Local Artists Join Efforts to Help Class of 2021

Sunday Ave, Stepping Stones and Carleigh Mack and The Haze Wow Their Fans

Madison Huckman, Staff Writer

Families and friends gathered to enjoy live music and food in support of the class of 2021. On Friday, Jan. 24 the junior class office presented Bridgestock, a non-profit, student led fundraiser for the junior prom. Local bands, Sunday Ave( Warren Olson, David Dowd, and Aidan Landry), Stepping Stones(Ben Ferrari, David Gentile, and Eric Bourque), and Carleigh Mack and the Haze(Carleigh Mack, Lindy Snell, Nathan Pevear) performed the event at the Stockbridge theatre. 

Carleigh Mack and the Haze opened the show with songs that ranged from Creep by Radiohead to an original song, Lucifer written by lead singer Carleigh Mack. The Stepping Stones came out to perform a setlist that included songs from Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. The night concluded with Sunday Ave performing a few songs off their EP White Noise including; Autopilot and Loose Ends.

“The Stepping Stones were good because they carried a nice lively energy and Ben Ferrari did solos behind his back which was impressive,” said Harley Bergeron 21’.

Both class office and band members of Sunday Ave, who worked closely with the class officers to bring this event together, believe this could be successful in years to come. 

“I was blown away by their talent and now have a whole new respect for them,” said Emma Johnston 21’

Sunday Ave. performs an original song “Autopilot” during their set at Bridgestock.

“When we’re seniors, maybe this could be passed down to the freshman class office, getting to work the generations through,” said Hannah Martenelli.  

Kyle Walker said, “We’d love to see this be carried out more. Some form of this, live music, I think it’s always fun!” 

The officers set forth with a goal to raise funds for prom, and they did just that. Raising over 1000 dollars, many would consider this a success.

“I thought Bridgestock had a lot of potential, and ran smoothly. Overall, I believe it was a successful event,” said Alden Hirsch.