Meet the Face Behind the Pinkerton Seniors Instagram Page

Learn how Syndey Pratt helped celebrate the class of 2020

Kyleigh Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

Sydney Pratt, the communications coordinator for class of 2020, made it her goal to celebrate her fellow seniors during these confusing times. With graduation and other senior events up in the air, Pratt and other class officers knew it was up to them to find a way to raise spirits. 

“After our the rest of our senior year was canceled, it was evident that the senior class needed some type of support and recognition for their four years at Pinkerton. After watching the melancholy reactions to this news, I realized that we should capitalize on our popular senior platforms to commemorate the class. I asked my fellow class officers to brainstorm ideas,” said Pratt. The idea for the seniors Instagram page stemmed from seeing other schools run similar pages.

In the beginning Pratt received help from class officers like Paige Corlis, Blake Billingsley, Jeff Potvin, Mr. and Mrs. Lemire, Headmaster Powers and Mrs. Mitchell. Once the project was off and running, Pratt took on full responsibility since she is the class’ communications coordinator. 

Unlike other senior pages, Pratt wanted to make sure the posts highlighted each student and their individuality. With help from Mrs. Mitchell,Communications Directors, they agreed on wanting to stay away from basic questions focusing just on which college students planned to attend. Pratt did not want students to feel pressured if they were unsure of their future. 

Seniors were able to fill out a Google form with the specific information in which they wanted included in their post. The form asked about future plans, favorite pinkerton memory, quotes, special thanks, and majors. Students were also able to upload a picture of themselves to go along with their post. The goal was to make each post as personalized as possible. 

“I thought the Instagram page was a cool idea. The form was easy to fill out and it allowed me to reflect on my time at Pinkerton. It really helped me stay connected with my class despite not being able to physically see them. It was uplifting to see something positive and celebratory when we’re so used to only reading about tragedy right now,” said senior Isabella Feoli. 

Even though seniors are still disappointed about missing out on the rest of senior year, the Instagram page helped raise spirits and bring them together. Since Pinketon has large class sizes, the page helped seniors learn about the person they might have seen everyday walking to D period. 

Pratt made almost 400 posts. She spent everyday bringing the filled out forms to life using Google spreadsheets and Canva. 

“The most rewarding outcome of this project was to see students’ reactions to their posts. Everyone was so happy to be featured and have something that was made personally for them. It was truly remarkable how everyone was so grateful for the work we were doing,” Pratt said. 

Over the last two years, Pratt was a part of class office as the communications coordinator. She enjoyed having the ability to positively influence a large group. She positively influenced her classmates through her job of maintaining the class office social media accounts for the past two years.

“As we are all leaving each other and wrapping up this part of our lives, I am honored to be able to bring us together during this unprecedented time and possibly bring a smile to everyone’s face as they learn about their fellow classmates and their future plans. It was very humbling to give back to my class,” Pratt said.  

As the days wind down, the seniors are preparing to say their final goodbyes to their beloved high school. The posts provided a unique way for the students to say goodbye while keeping focus on their experiences. Help celebrate the class of 2020 by following the page @pinkertonseniors.