Unexpected Events

Junior Year Wasn't What We Expected

May 30, 2020

One moment life was normal and students were complaining about going to school, the next, life was turned upside down and students complained about not going to school. Junior year wasn’t what I expected it to be or what anyone expected it to be, remote learning has changed the way of life for many. COVID-19 has been an unpleasant surprise for my family and we have had to overcome many obstacles to get to a place where we all aren’t getting in each other’s way and bothering one another.

Every Tuesday Julianna Manrique (‘21) does an at home pointe class at five pm for 45 minutes in her sun room where she usually watches television.

On May 23, 2020 the Manriques held a family movie outside; they watched the new Scoob movie, ate some snacks and relaxed after a long day. 

Driving almost two hours north, Riley Maynard (‘21) and Julianna Manrique (‘21) climbed Mount Cardigan.

Spending a day in the sun, Hannah Martinelli (‘21), Sofia Eckerson (‘21) and Julianna Manrique (‘21) had an outdoor picnic at Massabesic Lake where they painted, ate food and listened to music. “It was a nice break from reality. There has been a lot of stress that has come from the current situation, so it was really nice to be able to see my friends and enjoy a nice day outside. It was also very relaxing to paint and listen to music with some of my favorite people,” said Hannah Martinelli (‘21). 

With the desire for a good cup of coffee, Julianna Manrique (‘21) and her mother traveled to  Londonderry’s Starbucks but gave up because the line of cars snaked around the coffee shop and parking lot.

Working hard as can be Julianna Manrique (‘21) sits at the desk in the loft upstairs where she does all of her school work. 

Finishing up her school work for the day, Nicolette Manrique (‘21) sits upstairs in her parents bedroom at her desk where she does all of her school work. “I feel like it’s very different working from home, but you just have to adapt in your own way, whether it’s on your bed or at your desk; it depends on the individual,” said Hannah Martinelli (‘21). Nicolette seems to find it easier to work at home than other students do. 

Isabelle Manrique sits in Julianna Manriques (‘21)  bedroom because their mom is cleaning downstairs and she can’t focus with all the noise. 

My experience with remote learning has been a roller coaster. We all have our good days and our bad days and when we do have our bad days we just need to surround ourselves with our family and friends. I have learned a lot about myself through this experience and about others. School was rough at first but once you get in swing with the schedule it feels much better. Even though our school work has been a bit heavy because teachers are trying to fit in as much as they can because we have less time together; overall, school has been a good experience.

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