Living Through Quarantine: A personal Experience

May 29, 2020

Is it already two months into Quarantine? This family of three have experienced life in a whole new light.

“Is it just me or did this house get smaller?”

The Quarantine Three have an adventure ahead of them.

 The first week of quarantine was anything but relaxing; the anticipation to get back to normal was always on my mind. I struggled to find a way to spend my time, but eventually I got my groove back. 

April 5th 2020; The family begins painting around the house.

My family and I are animal lovers; our household just got it’s newest member:

The newest member of the family – Jebfrey

We also have two other dogs that have been apart of our family for the past eight years:

Daisy – adopted in 2011
Atticus – Adopted 2012

One of my family’s favorite things to do is barbecue, especially over the summer:

May 15th 2020; Friday Night Barbecue is brought back for the summer

One interesting fact about my family is that we’ve moved often; Texas, Florida and Colorado are a few of the places we’ve called home. What we’ve learned is having a garden is very different based off of where you live:

May 22nd 2020; The Huckman family builds a vegetable garden for the first time in New Hampshire

While following social distancing guidelines, I went into town to see how the coronavirus has affected the community:

A Walgreens employee takes a phone call behind a protective glass, while wearing a mask
A local park is empty amid quarantining.

Back at home, one of the miracles of life occurs:

A turtle flees after laying eggs nearby


Spending time working on home projects, and enjoying the company of my fur babies my family has been able to open more time together; something that was difficult to achieve before quarantining together. Although the coronavirus has been difficult for many, I’ve been fortunate enough to see it as a sign to slow down from a hectic life. My life will be different because of this experience and I’m thankful to be able to spend it with the people I care about most in life.


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Living Through Quarantine: A personal Experience