Class of 2022 Honors Local Veterans at the Annual Breakfast

Breakfast Returns to the Marion Pounder Cafeteria

Madison Harressey, Staff Writer

The 27th annual Veterans Day breakfast to recognize US veterans was held last on the morning of Thursday the 11th in the freshman cafeteria. Members of the JROTC and Class of 2022 officers stood at the door greeting veterans and their families as they entered. 

The event was put on by the class of 2022 as their annual community service project that they have been doing since  freshmen year. Last year, the event took place outside the school in a drive-thru style due to Covid-19 precautions. Veterans from surrounding communities were invited to participate in the breakfast and to listen to speeches made by members of the faculty and student body. 

Members of the choir sang the national anthem, the JROTC color guard presented the colors for the pledge of allegiance and Veterans Day poems were read, including a speech from special education teacher Mr. Doug Gootee, who read ‘What is a Veteran.’

“Veterans answered the call when their country needed them. They served their country to help us keep our way of life safe and fought to protect us and our home. Freedom is not free – it is the Veterans who pay the price for us to enjoy our freedoms,” recited Gootee, recognizing the sacrifice veterans make for our country.

Speakers also recognized those who are still actively fighting for our freedom.

 “We should also salute those who are currently fighting [for] our freedom,” said Kristen Gulbrandsen, class of 2022 Community Service Coordinator, in her opening remarks.

A candle lighting ceremony was held to conclude the speakers’ readings.

“I light the red candle which is the symbol of the red in our flag, and stands for hardiness and valor and symbolizes the lifeblood of brave men and women. This is for those who have died in service who we can never repay for what they have done,” said Sydney Pelletier as she lit the first candle.

Most veterans at the breakfast have been attending the breakfast for multiple years. Connected by their alumni status, family of a student or a member of the surrounding communities. 

“I think it’s great that Pinkerton does this,” said alumni Ron Gagnon, who sat with his neighbor who is also a veteran. 

While Veterans Day is a day we get to stay home from school, it is important to think of why we get the day off. Because of the brave men and women who have and continue to fight for our freedom. 

In his remarks, Dr. Powers explained that on their way to breakfast he had asked his ten year-old daughter why Veterans Day is important. She in essence expressed it is important to thank those who have protected us and defended our freedoms.

“Today’s the day to honor you and thank you for all that you’ve done,” said Dr. Powers. “So from all of us thank you very much for all that you’ve done for us.” 

JROTC color guard present the flag to commence the annual Veterans Day breakfast. (Mr. Timothy Cain)
Mrs. Littlefield and Mrs. Worsman helped to prepare the breakfast so that class officers could serve the food to the veterans. (Mr. Timothy Cain)