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Supporting Small Business From Home

Alexa Napolitano, Staff Writer

June 5, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has shut down businesses across the globe, and people are at home now more than ever. With the stay at home order still in effect, many people turn to the internet for shopping. However, instead of ordering of...

The Illness that Quarantine Causes

Kyleigh Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

June 1, 2020

The somber notes of Lewis Capaldi wash over the dark, vanilla-scented room. An arm emerges from the layers of blankets to skip the song. A knock at the door jars me fully awake. My dad asks if I want to go on a walk with him a...

Quarantined Lives

Acacia Kennedy and Andrew Madi

May 30, 2020

Around the world, people are twiddling their thumbs and eagerly watching the calendar as the days go by. Many things to occupy my time with at home, yet boredom sets in fast during isolation. Daily lives in isolation vary with...

Unexpected Events

Julianna Manrique, Staff Writer

May 30, 2020

One moment life was normal and students were complaining about going to school, the next, life was turned upside down and students complained about not going to school. Junior year wasn't what I expected it to be or what anyon...

Trapped: Quarantine With a Family of Six

Aleksandra Carney, Staff Writer

May 30, 2020

"I did not ask to be an extra in a bad horror movie!" Aili Carney, 15 grumbles as she prepares for school. She rolls out of bed, plops onto a desk chair, and logs into zoom. Such is the reality of living in the midst of the C...

Living Through Quarantine: A personal Experience

Madison Huckman, Staff Writer

May 29, 2020

Is it already two months into Quarantine? This family of three have experienced life in a whole new light. "Is it just me or did this house get smaller?" The Quarantine Three have an adventure ahead of them.  The first week of quaran...

A Country Shutdown: How life has changed since COVID-19

Andrew Larkin, Staff Writer

May 29, 2020

As COVID-19 swept across the world, the United States has taken the proper precautions by shutting down most public places. Although this decision is in support of public safety, it’s leaving many places on lockdown and bus...

Generational Attitudes of COVID-19

Kyleigh Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

April 10, 2020

“Yanno, mama, I’m really scared about this virus. I’ve been watching the news and I feel so powerless. I know you’d never get me sick mama, but make sure everyone is washing their hands. Please,” said the 93-year-old...

COVID-19 Impact: Learning From Home

Aleksandra Carney, Staff Writer

April 8, 2020

Rolling out of bed at 7:56 am in order to attend a class at 8:00 am may sound like an impossible dream, but for students around the world, it has become a reality. With the rapid spread of the novel COVID-19 virus plaguing th...

The Flavors of Milli Vanilli

Kyleigh Fitzgerald and Andrew Larkin

March 3, 2020

On Feb. 12, excited students filled the Stockbridge Theater ready to watch performers lip sync their hearts out at the annual annual lip sync battle, known as Milli Vanilli. The fundraiser for the senior class was once ...

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